"Back to Basics" - Pastor Jerry Carter - January 10, 2019

Most likely you've heard this story before. It has become legendary. The Green Bay Packer football franchise had been struggling and morale was sagging. Enter Vince Lombardi as the new coach. He is charged with turning the franchise around.

On a July training camp day in 1961 it’s reported the Coach saw the problem. "Everybody stop and gather around," he said. Then he knelt down, picked up the pigskin, and said, "Let's start at the beginning. This is a football. These are the yard markers. I'm the coach. You are the players." He went on, in the most elementary of ways, to explain the basics of football.

It wasn’t that they didn’t have the skills, knowledge, and determination to win. The problem was they weren’t on the same page in every way imaginable. Every lineman had been trained differently which led to chaos for the lineman coaches and so on, down the roster. By relaunching everyone at page one together, Vince Lombardi created a behemoth. Basic common terms and shared experiences were key to becoming an unstoppable force.

Every now and then, it is good to get back to basics, together.

The worship wars of the late twentieth and early twenty-first century had the same effect on local churches that losing had on the Packers; struggles ensued, moral sagged and churchgoers stopped going to church. Richland Nazarene was no exception.

In the aftermath, Christians and spiritual seekers alike began to wonder; why do we even bother to gather? What’s the point? Maybe we should we just embrace a “post-church” Jesus.

Or, could it be that we’ve just lost sight of the basics and value of what it means to gather weekly in a Christian worship service? Like last week’s look at Counterfeit Messiahs…maybe some counterfeit ideas about what a worship service is all about has muddied the waters and caused unnecessary division, angst, or bitterness.

Like counterfeit Messiahs, partial, inadequate views of what a Christian worship service is will necessarily limit what God wants to do in your life and the life of the Richland Nazarene by way of the weekly Christian worship service.

It’s time to clear the air and get back to basics!

Join us for our new series starting this week and bring a friend! My prayer is that Bringing Heaven to Earth will either create or rekindle a love affair between you and yours and Christ’s Bride, the Church!  See you Sunday!

Please be in prayer as our district searches for a new District Superintendent and as we begin our own search as Andrew & Bri begin a new chapter in their lives and faith journey!