Ministering to God - Pastor Bri Hickman - August 21, 2018

               I started reading a book this weekend written by Zach Neese, called “How to Worship A King – Prepare Your Heart. Prepare Your World. Prepare The Way.” This book is FILLED with nuggets of wisdom, and parts of the book cause me to stop and reread what I just read because it is either so good, accurate, or thought provoking. One of those moments was on the topic of what our job is as sons and daughters of the King. Our job is to Worship the King. Our job is to minister to God, not to ourselves. The hard part is that the church in the last 100 years has made worship about ourselves. We look for the emotional high, the personal tastes we have to what worship looks like or sounds like, or even looking for our own personal needs being met through worship and church. According to Scripture, and this book, that is wrong and not what Worship is about.  The book states:

We have made worship about us, our preferences, our tastes, our comforts, our opinions, ministering to our needs, and coddling our self-centered natures. When we make worship ABOUT us, what we communicate to God is that worship is FOR us. When worship is for us, we become the object of worship, little gods in our own hearts. We become idolaters. Let’s make this clear as a cloudless morning: WORSHIP IS NOT FOR US. Worship is for God. It is ministry for His pleasure, His heart, His opinion, His tastes, and His desires. It was never meant for the entertainment of man. It is God’s.
— Zach Neese, p.16

                Wow! Just wow. I had to reread this about 10 times to fully grasp all the goodness and truth that is in this. Deuteronomy 10:8 informs us that the Levites are to stand before the Lord to serve Him. To serve him in this aspect, the Hebrew word Latreuo is used, which means “to minister to God”.  This part of worship, serving God and ministering to God gets to the very essence of what worship is for us as Sons and Daughters of the King. There is not a single word for worship in the Bible, Greek or Hebrew, that includes the idea of ministry to mankind. Worship is simply not for us. It is for God. This can be a hard thing to grasp, when we are so accustomed to the worldviews of music being for our own pleasure. This can also be hard when we are so used to getting our own way with things or finding fault in things that we are a part of because it doesn’t appeal to us. However, we are called to worship the King. This isn’t just my calling, but it is a calling for all people. We are to worship God and minister to Him with everything we have and everything we are. Worship is so much more than music, but it is a way of life that we are called to live that ministers to and worships God.

                A few questions I want to ask you as I ask myself these questions are:

1. What would happen to our lives if we began to focus EVERY aspect and decision on ministering to God?

2. How would our churches change if we cared more about ministering to God rather than ministering to ourselves?

3. How would the world respond if they saw us ministering to God instead of focusing on ourselves?

Let me know your thoughts on this over the next couple of weeks! I would love to chat with you about this!

In Christ,
- Pastor Bri