Plug-In - Pastor Lisa Roberson - July 31, 2018

         Sunday morning Ed and I were in the hotel room getting ready for church in Okanogan.  When I plugged the hairdryer into the wall it wasn’t a snug fit and the dryer kept disconnecting from the outlet power source.  It would run well for a moment and then I would have to stop and push the plug back in to secure more power.  Right now some of you are asking, “Why didn’t she try a different plug?”  I have a two word answer, pre-coffee happening.

          Driving through the middle of nowhere I realized my hair drying debacle and attending church have a lot in common.  When we don’t attend church we don’t connect.  The power of our relationships, with each other and with the Father, are lessened when we don’t ‘plug in’ regularly.  It’s not like Ed and I have been totally gone, I’m working in my office like any other typical week and we have attended our usual church events and yet we both feel disconnected from our church family.  I’m finding there is something different, something special about us all coming together on a Sunday morning with the intent to worship our King and Savior. 

          All of this gives me a clearer understanding of how easy it is to drift away from church, one Sunday at a time.  The further away we get from connection the harder it becomes to re-connect, to the point connection may be lost for good.  Hebrew 10:25 says, “25 And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.”  So I encourage you, in this last month of summer as wild adventures unfold before you, remember to plug into the church family who loves you and plug into the only One who can provide you the power necessary to navigate this life. 

Pastor Lisa

While I am loving the opportunity to grow in my preaching skill we miss your faces very much and are looking forward to reconnecting and rejoining the fold.