Home - Pastor Bri Hickman - July 18th, 2018

HOME. What does this mean to you? When you hear the word “home” where does your mind automatically take you? Is home a person, a place, or maybe even a feeling? Think about it for a little…

“Home is important. It's where we live and refresh before going back out into the world. Home is our comfort zone. Home represents a place of safety and intimacy where you can relax and be yourself. However, for some, home doesn't offer these things. For some it isn't respite from the turmoil of life. “ – Lindsey Clifford

For me, home is A LOT of things. Home is where Andrew is. Home is the cozy little house that Andrew and I live in. Home is where my parents are. Home is a feeling of where I belong.

On Sunday night, while meeting with our teen girls small group, our devotional was about “home” and how God desires for us to feel at “home” with Him. I was intrigued by this statement and wanted to dig deeper.

The Bible speaks of multiple instances where, after a significant event, the people went back HOME.

·         Matthew 9:7 – The paralyzed man got us and went home after Jesus healed him.

·         John 7:53 – Everyone went home after the Jewish leaders argued over Jesus’ authority

·         Joshua 22:6 – Joshua blessed soldiers and they went to their tents.

This shows that home has always been an important piece of someone’s life. Home is where we are to always turn back to and GO. As the girls and I discussed this, we came to the conclusion that sometimes it’s not so easy to think of Jesus as our home. It’s not so easy to want to turn to him for comfort, rest, or peace. BUT… this is what God desires for us. He desires for us to turn to Him as our home. He desires for us to rest in Him, to find peace through Him, and to find comfort in Him.

Home should be a place to find peace and comfort; but, making Jesus at home in your heart and building on your relationship with him is the only way to really know lasting peace. Our spiritual home with Jesus is where we are truly safe.

How do you view home? Is it easy for you to turn to Him for comfort, rest, and peace when you need it? Did you think about Jesus as your home when I asked you the first few questions of today’s blog? My prayer is for us all to understand how Jesus is our HOME.