Confidence In Your Leaders - Pastor Lisa Roberson - July 10th, 2018

First and foremost thank-you for your prayers, I’m grateful and joy filled to be part of a church family who deeply believes in the power of prayer!  Last week I “got to” experience my first, and hopefully last occurrence of vertigo.  I don’t think I have ever laid that still for that long.  Ed and I decided Sunday night it was best to see a doctor to rule out any infection.  The very kind Doctor confirmed it was benign vertigo and made some suggestions about the best way to treat the dizziness.  Take Claritin~ no problem, do the head tilt exercises~ no problem, stay hydrated~ no problem, no driving for a few days~ ummmm we are starting to have a problem, cut down on coffee intake~ now we have a problem.  Cut down on coffee?  The thing which keeps my heart beating?  The perfect comfort food?  A source of warmth in the hard cold world?  Cut down on coffee?  I began to doubt the doctor’s credibility and skill set.

          Fast forward to Monday morning, while brushing my hair I had a momentary “tilt-a-whirl experience.”  A tight grasp on the sink kept me from tumbling into the tub.  As the ride stopped I had the brilliant thought, “I should listen to the doctor.”  Which led to another thought. “How often do we poo-poo the words of our leaders, how often do we fail to listen to those in authority?”  Hebrews 13:17a says, “Have confidence in your leaders and submit to their authority, because they keep watch over you as those who must give an account...”

          “Have confidence in your leaders..,” in this day and age with so many fallen leaders and those who seem to be without good character or sound judgement this can be a difficult task.  And yet God has placed them in this position of leadership.  Their leadership and how we choose to follow is being woven into the whole story of God.  We may not agree with the choices leaders make, we may even become angry with leadership choices, but in the end how we follow is just as important as how they lead.

          So what do we do when we disagree with the choices or actions of a leader?  First we pray.  Second, we examine our own hearts~ where might we have failed to follow well?  Third~ we talk with the leader (notice I said talk ‘with’ not talk ‘to’) in an honest effort to understand and hear the calling of their hearts.  Fourth~ we realize, like us, all leaders are failed humans who at times fall short and simply need forgiveness.  Leading is hard, following is harder but neither are impossible in relationships based in grace.