Waiting On God - Pastor Andrew Hickman - January 30th, 2018

Right around two years ago, I was at a crossroads in my life. I was anticipating getting married, and I could sense God moving in my life in ways that I could not understand at the time. I had a great job working at a small Christian school, but I could sense that God was closing the door to this chapter in my life. I was confused, and I started worrying about what was next in my life. During this time Bri and I were both searching for ministry opportunities for the both of us to hopefully work together in the same church. The likelihood of that happening seemed very small as most churches today cannot afford to hire associate pastors, but we did not let that get us down because we knew without a doubt that we were in God’s hands. After months of searching for opportunities God asked me to be patient and trust in His timing, and for those that know me, patience is not one of strongest fruits of the Spirit; in fact, it was probably one of my weakest at that point in my life. I am a self-admitted control freak, so patiently waiting for God was not on my radar, however, I did the unimaginable and asked God to grant me patience. WARNING: PRAYING FOR PATIENCE IS A DANGEROUS PRAYER. Well, at least it was for me. The moment I asked God for patience, I felt as if God placed a blank black board in front of me while saying, “Stare at this, and trust ME to fill in the blanks.” God answered my prayer by teaching me to be patient. I stopped searching for other jobs, and said, “God, I know you are working here, and I will trust in you for my future career.”

Little did I know that God was preparing my future job right here in Richland, WA. I would never have imagined moving out west, but God has better plans than I could ever imagine. My story continues with God opening the doors for a couple of churches that wanted to interview my soon to be wife and I, and I was floored by God’s power and work that He was doing in my life. I saw what it truly means to be patient for the first time in my life. When God called us to Richland, Bri and I knew without a doubt that we were supposed to be here. God granted me peace and patience through the time in my life where I had absolutely no control of the outcome, and He amazed me with His constant provision.

I tell you this story because we are coming to the end of our first month as a church without a Lead Pastor. I want to encourage you to be patient with God, for He is preparing our next pastor as well as preparing our church for the next Shepherd. God is doing a great and mighty work in our body, I can sense His Holy Spirit moving. I ask you to join me in the dangerous prayer for patience in our season of transition. God is in control, and we need to trust in Him to carry us through this season. I want to share a Scripture that I meditated on during my season of transition that I shared above. It is found in the book of Psalm 46:10a, “Be still, and know that I am God!” In all my business and worry of the future this verse calmed me down because of the reminder that I serve the God who holds the entire existence of everything in the palm of His hands.

In Christ,

Pastor Andrew