Never Alone - Pastor Lisa Roberson - June 12th, 2018

Have you ever spent time on the beach digging around looking for agates, sea glass or a special shell?  It is a treasure hunt.  For a while there is just sand, sand and more sand.  Suddenly, without warning, a treasure.  At first we gently cradled in the palm of our hand followed by drawing it to our eyes for closer inspection.  Then we hold it up to the sunlight for a different view.  With much excitement we call out to our friends, “look what I found!”  They hear the excitement in our voice and come quickly come to see.  The friends respond accordingly.  “Ah, the beauty.” “What a great find.”

          The initial joy is in “the finding,” but true joy is sharing with friends.  We can go it alone, and many have, many times but, oh how much better it is when the experience is shared!  To revel in the joys of life with a friend makes the experience all the richer.  Ecclesiastic 4:9 tells us “two are better than one…”.

          And what about when we face despair?  When we have dragons needing to be slayed, when hurt and hardship come our way?  The burden is easier to bare when a friend is walking alongside, sometimes carrying us through the pain.  Ecclesiastic 4:10 tells us, “If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.” 

          I think there are times the enemy wants us to believe we are all alone, no one cares, we should never rely on another for they will always let us down.  When we hold these thoughts up to the sun for closer inspection, just like the treasure in the sand, we can see the reality of the lies the enemy wants us to believe and we can throw those lies back into the depths of the ocean where they belong.

          Ecclesiastics 9:12, “A cord of three strands is not easily broken.”  I pray this week there are reminders from God that you are never alone, I pray this week you are contacted by a friend with loving reminders the two of you are on this journey together.  I pray this week you will be the friend who reaches out letting others know they are not alone.