Lent Calls us to MORE - Pastor Lisa Roberson - February 13th, 2018

Mom and Dad are relaxing on the couch
On the tippy-est of toes their child creeps up behind them
Mom and Dad are aware of this stealth approach
The child launches like a bottle rocket over the side of the couch
Mom and Dad knew what was about to happen and yet were still startled

The season of Lent resembles the small child, we are aware it's approaching and yet are still startled by its seemly sudden appearance.  Our culture offers no clues as to when the season begins.  There are no special sections in stores dedicated to this season.  No one uses greetings like, "Merry Lent".  Few if any have a Lenten playlist, nothing is hung by the chimney with care and there are no cake and candles.  And yet...and yet Lent can be a most amazing season.  For 40 days (plus Sundays) we have the opportunity to take time, to create the necessary space, to draw closer to the Father.  It's a 40 day invitation to be intentional about knowing Jesus on a deeper level.  It is time to take stock of who we are in Christ and a time of struggling to grasp the sacrifice our Savior made on our behalf.  Lent calls us to grieve well the death of an innocent man and to unabashedly celebrate the joy of His resurrection.  Lent calls us to more.

to LOVE more
to GIVE more
to PRAY more
to CHANGE the world.

Please join us Wednesday night in the gym at 7:00pm as we quietly and reflectively enter into this amazing season.  Let's change the world