CHANGE - Pastor Lisa Roberson - January 16th, 2018

     Change can be good; who doesn’t like clean sheets, a new pair of running shoes or when winter turns to spring?  The clouds and cold blow away, the sun comes out and our hearts dance with joy as rays of light warm our face.  These kind of changes are easy to embrace and celebrate.  Then there is change that breaks our hearts, the kind we want to avoid more than a root canal or colonoscopy.  These changes do not make our hearts dance with joy.  

          Our church family is in a time of change or to use the proper vernacular, we are in transition, moving from one place to another.  For Associate Pastors this is part of our ministerial adventure, it is a time of reflection and intently seeking the will of God for the direction of our lives.  I invite you to join this journey.  I invite you to begin asking the questions. “Father, am I serving in this body where you want me to serve? During this time of transition am I using the time, talents and treasure you have blessed me with in ways which please you and helps my fellow church family members?”  I invite you to be open to where He leads.

          And I invite you to ponder one last question, a quote on my door reads, “You will find what you are looking for.”  So I ask, what are you looking for?

Jeremiah 29:13

13 If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.  

Pastor Lisa Roberson