Carousel Ride - Pastor Lisa Roberson - October 10, 2018

Life is like a box of chocolates…..not really Forrest, it’s more like a carousel ride.  Carousels are much more reflective of life than chocolates.  On the carousel/life, a ticket master/Master decides when we may climb aboard the ride, how long our ride will be and only he/He knows when and how we will exit.  As we embark on our adventure there are two riding options, a stable bench where we sit passively watching life pass by or the traditional carousel horse with its ups and downs. 
Choosing the bench is like choosing plain oatmeal for breakfast, its blah flavored, no risk and easy to endure.  The carousel horse is different story.  It takes us down low, to the darkest part of the trip, where there isn’t much to see but the worn shoes of the other riders and a scuffed up, dirty floor.  Then comes the awesomeness of the upward rotation.  The brightness of the day shines forth and joy radiates from the faces of other riders.  A reward is offered as well.  A hanging brass ring begs to be snatched from its resting place by those who are willing to keep their eye on the prize, willing to take a risk, willing to step out in faith.
Our God given dreams are that shiny brass ring.  We know our dreams are God driven when they are in line with His will, His commandments and are a blessing to others and the Kingdom.  My God given dream is to pastor my own church and to do good Kingdom work “so that none should perish”.  What are your God given dreams?  What would it mean to take a risk and reach out for those dreams with gusto and flare?
We have so loved serving with, and alongside you.  We are beyond thankful for the kind words and many blessings you have poured over us the last several weeks.  We may no longer call Richland Naz home but there will always be a home in our hearts for you.  God is loudly calling us to follow the dream He placed in our hearts and we pray, as God begins to call Richland to a new dream, that you will grab that brass ring with all you have and may good Kingdom work be done.

Till we meet again~ Blessings
Pastor Lisa and Ed